Educational Adventure?

12 Dec

T-minus 4 days until Rose and I sit down and have our first official planning session for our trip.

Here is our newest goal for the trip:

Act like we are lecturers at specific destinations!

What do I mean by this???  Well, since we (me way more than Rose) are so unfamiliar with the history of the places we will be visiting, we would like to work together to teach each other.  We will not be each others tour guides, but we will act as professor teaching our student.

I think this will work by us each choosing certain places, works of art, etc. to research (YAY Wikipedia), printing this material off, and bringing it on our travels with us.  We will rotate being student/lecturer.  We will of course be overly dramatic in each role.

Breaking News:

We have just been informed that our overly caffeinated, energetic, sugar buzzed and loud personalities may not make us travel friends after all.  According to our Dutch friends, we have been informed that most Europeans do not like to be bothered by loud, crazy Americans.  They have recommended we stick to our hostel mates, and avoid the locals.  I guess I should leave my “Free Hug” sign at home.  I also need to buy that filter for my mouth or hope that most locals cannot understand me.

However, we have learned some Dutch to help us with our travels in The Netherlands.  Here it goes:

  • Waar is het toilet?
  • Waar is de bar?
  • Waar is het station?
  • Waarom?

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