14 Jan

This blog officially has a purpose!  I mean, it did prior to tonight…but now it really has a purpose.

Our airfare is PURCHASED!  I didn’t choose the easiest flight, but the price was right.

We will be leaving the US on Sunday, May 6th and arriving in Amsterdam.  I will be flying back home on May 31st out of Stuttgart.

Rant time:  How is it that airfare gets cheaper based on flight schedules that don’t make sense?
Example:  We fly out of Lansing, and arrive in Chicago and from Chicago we go to Amsterdam…so we are going out of the way to get there.  Yet it is cheaper than just flying out of Chicago.

Rose and I both will get to experience travelling by our lonesome in airports too.  Definitely not the most exciting experience of this adventure, but it is still an experience!

Sorry this entry is boring, yet exciting!  I am tired…more updates to be added at a future date.  Next on the list: Rail passes.


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