We won’t be working on the railroad all the live long day…just riding it

29 Jan

I think I am trying to set a record for longest Blog Titles on WordPress.

I’d like to start off by telling everyone how lovely a day I had today.  Besides the fact that I am sick (which sucks), I was able to have a delightful reunion lunch with my Palleschi gang (except for Brenna)  that I befriended while in Italy almost one year ago.  This is worth mentioning, since without Italy…this trip would not be happening.  I may have dreamed of this trip happening, but I would not know Rose right now, so the trip would only be dream.

Speaking of dream:  You all do not know the story of how this trip came to be!!  I am going to tell this story wrong since I don’t remember specific details, but it will still sound like I am truthful!  Only Rose knows the REAL truth!!

One day, maybe on August 13th, or whenever Brenna got married, Rose came to my home and I made her coffee and muffins.  She brought me a frying pan with Giraffe print as a belated birthday gift!  So unexpected!  We giggled and talked and then made our way to Brenna’s wedding.  At some point during this day, a sad story was told.  Rose was supposed to have gone to Ireland with her friend, but her friend was no longer able to go!

I told Rose, “Oh, know!!  I am so sorry!  Can I go to Europe with you?!”  

Rose exclaimed, “Oh my gosh, of course, lets do it!”  

I said, “Are you for real?  Like, would you really go to Europe with me?  Because I will commit if you commit!”  

Rose says, “Definitely, I totally will!”  

I said, “Are you for sure, for sure?  Because I know that sometimes we say things but can’t really do it.  I have wanted to go so many places before but never had a friend to rely on.”  

Rose, “I will for sure do it!  You can rely on me Annaliese!”


Thus it began.

Back to present day:  After we had lunch, Mackenzie and Jessica departed while Rose and I shuffled over to B24s to coffee and internet it up.

Our plan:  To first confirm the dates that we will be at each destination, and then to figure out the times we want to travel by train.  This was a success and here are our results!!!

  • May 7th: We arrive in Amsterdam and spend 3 wondrous days with our Dutch friends!!!
  • May 1oth: We travel from Amsterdam to Paris and spend 4 days in magnificent Paris!!! We hope to spend some of our time there with our friends Kerry (Rose’s roommate who also happens to have their own Eurotrip in progress and whom lands in Paris/Nice the same time we are!) and Kelsey.
  • May 14th: We travel from Paris to Nice and spend 3 days here, with a possible side trip to Cannes where we shall soak in the sun off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea (at least we are hoping for sun!).
  • May 17th:  We start our long journey to Germany with a one day side trip.  We shall leave Nice and arrive in Lyon for one night.
  • May 18th: We will depart Lyon at 6am AHHH, transfer in Strasbourg where we have a 3.5 hour transfer so we hope to quickly explore around the train station before we leave for Stuttgart.  We shall arrive in Stuttgart at 15:04 aka 3:04pm where I have invited myself to stay 2 nights at my Aunt Rosie’s house. **Note to Aunt Rosie, this is the confirmed date that we will arrive at your place**
  • May 20th: We will depart Stuttgart and make our way to Munich where we shall waste away our time in Biergartens during the day.  Well, maybe just one day.
  • May 23rd:  From Munich we are off to Berlin!  Poor Rose is going to be forced to party late with me on Friday, right before she departs the next morning!  She will have plenty of sleep time on the plane.  It will be a practice for the jet lag we are going to suffer from.
  • May 26th-31st:  I am free, no plans…sooo that means Markus, Sandra, and Aunt Rosie:  All or at least one of you should plan something with me…otherwise I will be forced to travel by myself somewhere.  I am thinking either Prague or Salzburg…but I am open to other suggestions.  Maybe an additional night in Berlin?!
And that is all until next time…  Next on the agenda: Paris Hostels

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