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Our Wonderful Hostels

23 Mar

The Netherlands

Sorry, I cannot share where we are staying since it is with Yvonne and her family!  I do not have a picture of their home, but that is where we shall be.


Paris– We are staying in the Montmartre District, yay for Artist’s and Hippies!  Refer to the movie Amelie for more images of Montmartre!

This is Montmarte with a view of the Sacre Coeur (we have a view from our hostel!)

This is our hostel:  Le Village Hostel

Nice–  Our quick time to relax by the beach!

Our Hostel:  Hostel Meyebeer Beach

Italy:  We are now switching our plans to Verona and our Hostel is yet to be determined!

Munich– We (Rose and my 2 cousins) will be staying at my cousin Markus’ friends apartment!  This weekend will be interesting since the UEFA champions league finals will be held while we are here.  This event caused us to be unable to find any reasonable priced accommodations.  Thank goodness for family!

Satteldorf–  I again have no images but we will be staying at my Aunt Rosi’s house next for a few days!  Can you say, laundry?!  This will by far be our best accommodations I am sure!

Berlin–  This may be our 2nd best accomodation!

We are staying in the Mitte District (the historical center), right next to East Berlin

Our Hostel:  BaxPax Downtown Hostel/Hotel

First, we splurged and got ourselves a studio to ourselves!  Yes!  That means, we can cook for 2 and avoid German food if possible!

But the POOL is definitely the coolest part of this hostel

After that…

Rose has to leave and I shall continue to…

South Tyrol

And then return back home just in time for the pool to open, and full time work to begin!!!  (And no $$$$)


8 weeks!

7 Mar

Today marks the official 2 month mark before our departure!

Basically, I am super excited yet I feel super unprepared….although I am trying to cope with this and just wing it as much as I can.

Our plans have changed a bit but I guess I won’t update them yet until more details have been solidified.  Right now we have booked both of our hostels in France (Paris and Nice).  We’ve also shortened our trip in Nice to visit Italy for 2 days since we just couldn’t say no!

We are also, SOO looking forward to seeing our friends and family on the trip as well!

I also bought a travel backpack that I am TRYING to use instead of luggage…but we will see if this holds true.  It is really small, but if I only pack dresses and tights then it might be successful.  Again, we will see.

PS: Rose managed to get us some truffle oil from Becky who traveled with us last year in Italy, and whom took the trip again this year!  So in the next few weeks we are going to make an authentic Italian feast full of truffle flavor!!!  Yum yum!  Pizza or pasta?  I’m thinking both.

PSS: I hope the temp is warm enough in Nice and Genoa so that we can decompress on the beach for 4 days mid trip.  Please send us good thoughts in regards to this!

PSSS: My travel shoe collection is working out quite nicely thanks to the thrift store I work at.  I may even dangle a pair of my shoes outside my backpack since they were only $1.50.

PSSSS: Good night.