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Round 1, Check

21 Dec

So last night Rose and I had a 4 hour hang out/planning session and it went splendid!!  We will book our airfare in January and then start booking our hostels and purchase our EuroRail Passes.

Here is our rough itinerary:

  • Fly in to Amsterdam, and spend 4 days with friends in the Netherlands
  • Travel to Paris and spend 4 days here
  • Travel to Nice and spend 2-3 days here
  • Possible one day side trip to Lyon before arriving in Nice OR a one day side trip to Geneva before entering Germany
  • Travel to Stuttgart, Germany to visit my family for one night
  • Travel to Munich and spend 3 days here
  • Travel to Berlin and spend 3 days here
  • Say Goodbye to Rose and then I get to figure out the rest of my travels with myself or my family.

Now we will focus on choosing the hostels that sounds the best and the sights we want to see.  We will for sure see:

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • The Louvre
  • Notre Dame
  • Anne Frank House
  • A beach on the Mediterranean Sea
  • Old Town

MUCH more to be determined…